A Brief History…

Some years ago, we felt the call to remove ourselves from our routine and seek the Lord. So we ‘retreated’ to the woods of southeastern Kansas for a long weekend. Though we had hopes to create a few new songs, we never expected the spiritual download that Jesus would impart to us in that time. Over four short days, all of the musical content for The Golgotha Experience was written, first on our hearts, then in our notebooks. Over the next four years, with the Lord’s help, we developed that content into this ministry. We feel that one of the great purposes of our lives is to steward the gift God entrusted to us those few simple days spent seeking Him the woods. 

God’s word implores us to ‘encourage the oppressed.’ Though the ‘Stations of the Cross’ tradition might not at first seem uplifting and encouraging in nature, oh how the opposite is true! When we come before Jesus, and see the sinless Son of God suffering unfathomable agony on our behalf — when we see the Greatest One of all taking the punishments of a criminal— sorrow is often felt. But oh what peace, gratitude, and delight certainly follow! It is the very moments of Jesus’ greatest heartbreak and pain that provide for our greatest joys. This is why we do what we do with The Golgotha Experience.

Psalm 105 instructs us to, “make known his deeds among the nations… tell of all his wondrous works!” The works of Jesus in the few hours before his crucifixion are shocking, exemplary, and foundational to all that we believe as followers of Jesus. These ‘works’ embody the servanthood and example of Christ that we are to follow, and stand as the fertile soil in which the resurrection bursts forth.

Over the years, we have seen people, (both who have relationships with Jesus and those who do not), encounter the Son of God in miraculous ways through this experience. We’ve seen hearts shift and forgiveness pour out. We’ve seen those stagnant in faith burn with fire again. It’s been a shockingly potent evangelical tool, an eye-opening experiential powerhouse, and so much more.

With this, we ask for your prayers. First, for those who will encounter Jesus through The Golgotha Experience. Also, we ask that you would pray for us, as we seek to minister the all those the Lord puts in our path, and steward this ministry for his Glory.

- Jesse and Leah Roberts